2015 Cohort of Companies Announced!

The Companies invited into the 2015 Session of SCAPE are:

American Southwest Market, affiliated with the blog I’d Order That, is a Durango, Colorado based food and lifestyle company that is expanding to offer curated sample boxes of authentic American Southwest food products and artisan keepsakes to domestic and international subscribers.  It is our mission to not only provide unique products, but to create an experience for the senses – by hand-selecting items that people can hold, cook with and taste, smell, feel the textures and discover the enchantment and culture that is the Great American Southwest.  Jim and Amy Dodson

GitPrime finally blows open the black box of engineering and redefines how we manage teams of software developers in a way the rest of the world can understand. We do this by deeply analyzing the commit data in Git repositories (the code storage system for engineering), benchmarking this data against thousands of similar projects, and generating an extraordinary set of real-time graphs easily understood by engineering managers and product managers, as well as executives, so we can all stop flying blind.  Travis Kimmel and Ben Thompson

Rocky Mountain Animation Labs is an online animation school for kids and young adults ages 8 – 20.  We’ll be using a state-of-the-art LMS, professionally led courses, and well-researched and designed teaching methods and curriculum. Our offerings will include stop-motion, cut-out, clay, cel, MineCraft ™, Lego ™, and 3D CGI animation.  Our main campus, development and administrative offices are headquartered in Durango, Co.  In addition to our online offerings we will hold classes, camps, and seminars in our Smiley Building classrooms.   David Tart

Cold Flash is a contoured, instant cold pack that women can insert discreetly into their bras to relieve hot flashes associated with perimenopause and menopause. Cold Flash employs an endothermic reaction to cool the pack without refrigeration and is tailored for comfortable use against a woman’s breast tissue. Thirty million women in the United States alone are experiencing the most common symptom of perimenopause and menopause: hot flashes. Cold Flash can be used anytime, anywhere, becomes cold in seconds, stays cold for up to 30 minutes, and can provide relief for several hours.  Ellen Golden.