Announcing the 2017 SCAPE Companies!

AprèsActive is an outdoor adventure mixed reality software company Рengaging technology, environment, and experiences.

Toast Mobile Lounge is a mobile bar that travels to your parties or events with our unique set up and one of kind digital displays. We have Tips Certified bartenders that have 20 years experience and can craft any beverage of your choice. Toast comes complete with full lengths bar, seats, friendly bartenders and tunes for any atmosphere. We have taken the initiative to turn your field, warehouse or park into a full service bar and party.

The SmartBiz business dashboard will provide businesses with key performance metrics to make better business decisions.

Technical Gear Solutions has developed an innovative backpack system that is used to carry logging & fire-fighting equipment safely and comfortably. Our backpack allows a logger or firefighter to easily carry their supplies by uniquely arranging gear across the shoulders, back and waist.

Distributed Energy Strategies provides electric utilities, businesses, and individuals the expertise needed to optimize and deploy distributed energy resources for maximum cost savings, reliability, safety and environmental performance.