Easton LaChappelle – Prosthetics Pioneer

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At an age when he was expected to be picking out his prom outfit, young visionary Easton LaChappelle was daring to reinvent the prosthetics industry with Unlimited Tomorrow—his Robotics Engineering startup aimed at making life-changing technology accessible to those who need it most. Now 20 years old, Easton is turning the industry on its head with the release of his 3D-printable robotic arm blueprints.
As a child, Easton had an affinity for making things and taking them apart. He often cites curiosity as the force that compelled him to create. But as Easton grew older and his ambitions grew larger, the young inventor realized he would have to be resourceful if he wanted to bring his innovative concepts to life.

“No one person can change the world… someone could take what I’ve done and grow from it and do something more with it…”

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