Entrepreneur Plans to Manufacture Trimmers in Bayfield

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When Terry Sandefur left the corporate world, he realized he wanted sell his inventions.

Terry Sandefur, founder and CEO of Zaparataz, plans to market a motorized trimmer, a harvesting tool that would protect users from repetitive motion injuries.

“I have always drawn and made these little inventions,” he said.

The Zaparataz, a motorized trimmer, was born after he heard about the need for a better harvesting tool to protect users from repetitive motion injuries.

He designed every part of his trimmer, which features adjustable speeds, lights to illuminate its path and removable and rotatable heads.

Sandefur was one of a handful of local founders to pitch investors Thursday at Fort Lewis College at the Southwest Colorado Accelerator Program for Entrepreneurs showcase. The SCAPE is an intensive six-month program that provides $30,000 in seed funding and mentorship in the areas of product development, marketing and finance.

It’s advice Sandefur appreciates.

“You think you know how to start a business, run a business, until you get here,” he said.

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