Ideal Candidates


We are looking for Applications from the 5 counties comprising the Region 9 EDD. Primary focus will be ventures wanting to market and compete outside the local area while remaining headquartered in SW Colorado. Special emphasis will be given to those ventures with strong job creating plans and capabilities.


What You Should Expect From Us

PitchDay_1We want to ensure that your experience with SCAPE is the most productive and beneficial experience possible. Here are the things that you should expect from SCAPE during the program.

Subject Matter experts. We will bring in smart, passionate, experienced people to help you grow your business.

A great working environment. We provide an open concept office space with tables, chairs, internet and hot coffee.

A solid curriculum.  View the complete curriculum under Apply.

Responsive staff. Never more than an email away. Usually within shouting distance.

A little financial help. SCAPE’s mission is to help launch and propel local job producing businesses as far forward as possible. All companies accepted into the 2018 class will be eligible for small investments to go towards tangibles to help develop the business. SCAPE is positioned to have $200,000 to invest in the most promising startups that come out of the 2018 SCAPE program. For significant investment towards the end of the SCAPE program, we will need to see:

  • Total commitment from the founder to grow the business
  • That the founder can demonstrate an invest-able idea
  • That the business will be positioned for growth immediately after the SCAPE program
  • That investment from SCAPE will be enough to make a difference in taking the product to market or raising additional money

Initial investments from SCAPE are a promissory note that converts at SCAPE’s discretion to either equity or revenue sharing at your seed round valuation.

What We Will Expect From You

Be Dedicated. It is a lot of work to grow a business.

Listen. You must be willing to listen to your mentors and consider new ideas. We realize that you have put a lot of thought and effort into your idea. But sometimes a fresh look from an experienced mentor can lead to different thinking. If you can defend why you are doing what you are doing, great… but be willing to try new directions.

Work with your peers. There will be other companies in the program that are going through the same challenges that you are. Work together and make both of you stronger.

Have Fun. Enough said.

The SCAPE program provided New Hat Baking invaluable tools, enabling us to move our business forward with confidence. Without the wealth of knowledge and insight from the SCAPE mentors, I’m not sure we would have found success so quickly. It helped us grow by leaps and bounds and steered us away from costly mistakes down the road. It is a wonderful opportunity for our community’s innovators, helping them get their ideas to market.

- Amber Davis, Founder of New Hat Foods, 2014 SCAPE Class